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Healthy creamy shrimp pasta with feta cheese

The first time we tried this recipe was about five months ago. The local grocery store where we were at back then sold this fresh, creamy french feta cheese. One day, we happened to mix it with some pasta and other things, and it simply melted into a cream sauce-type thing.

We wanted the same effect tonight, but the only feta available at the stores here is the crumbly type in oil. So we heated up some soy milk, threw in some herbs, and crushed the (5% fat) feta into the milk. Then we threw everything else into that, and basically got the above result.

What went in?

Mushrooms, chopped chilies, tomatoes, lightly sauteed garlic in olive oil (fresh garlic gives it too much bite and spice), green olives, shrimp, spinach, and wholegrain pasta.

I maintain that creamy pastas do not have to have a lot of fat in it :o).

Tip of the day: We like to keep and use the water that we cook our pasta in. Mr Green likes to drink it. I'm not opposed to that, but I prefer to use it as a sauce thickener, or sometimes, a sauce in itself. Tonight we used it to thicken the soy milk-cheese mix. When I'm using a tomato-based sauce, pasta water can be used for the same purpose. Or brown rice water. I've read that restaurant chefs also use pasta water in their cooking. The thicker, the better. So don't throw away your pasta water, help save the world's water, today!



  1. Simply June said,

    this look yummy....not a big fan of feta, but might try this out just for the heck of it..haha.... i can't get over the fact tht u have chili in everything! haha...i think it's not long belong u add chopped chili or sambal oelek in your.....cakes, cookies and brownies!!.. oh shoot, did i just give u an idea to do so???

    on February 27, 2009 at 4:15 PM  

  2. healthyyums said,

    HAHAHAHHAHAA...well to be fair these chilies tasted more like jalapenos than the REAL chilli we're used to...but i would probably have just used fresh chillies too...

    as for putting chillies into our sweets....HHHRRRMMM...actually i would try a chocolate with chilli thing...kinda like something sweet a spicy pudding...

    but no, not in our brownies, cakes or cookies...we're creative...but that would be sacrilegeous! no worries!!!

    cheesecake tonight!

    on February 27, 2009 at 4:33 PM  

  3. Simply June said,

    sounds yum.......... oh oh.. u could make ur own truffles, with dashes of chili powder, cinnamon powder, paprika and what not on top...... so gourmet!! haha... can open ur own too..=p

    what cheesekca ya making> my foccacia bread is in the oven... i'm nervous

    on February 27, 2009 at 8:33 PM  

  4. healthyyums said,

    hey...we have all that...for truffles. good idea. we'll make that after this weekend...

    cheesecake...the low-fat, no butter kind :P hehe.

    foccacia...yummmm don't forget pictures!

    on February 27, 2009 at 8:37 PM